Jacques Barachet
update November 21th 2023
Adresse: 210 rue des clos de l'écu
78550 Houdan

tél: +33 6 66 46 22 47
Email:  Jacques@Barachet.com
· Real time software.
· Control command.
· Measuring instrument.
· All steps of automation project
 from proposal to final acceptance.

· French (native tongue).
· Chinese 一点点.

· Electrical: B2V BR.

SNCC: HPCi, Vantage, 
Cogito, P80C, JS1600.
Siemens tools: Step7, PCS7, CFC, SFC.
Languages: LabWindows CVI, Logicad,
Labview, « C », PLM, Python, HTML,
OS: IRMX, VxWorks, RTOS.

· 85 Robotic graduation at Cachan.
· 84 DUT (Mechanical) at Cachan.
· 82 BAC F1 (Mechanical) at Rambouillet.

· DIY: from arc welding to Arduino.
· Board sports.
· Macroeconomics.

 Automation, Hydraulic-screw,
 Simulation, DAC, Regulation,
Commissioning, Real-time-OS,

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   2004 - 2023 
OccupationAutomation engineer at HurbinSoftware.

  Rewrapping of several metallurgical equipments (France/Macedonia/Spain/Brasil): 1 pikling-line, 4 galva-lignes, 1 rough aluminum hot mill hot, 1 aluminum foil rolling mill, hydraulic screw jack of tandem mill.
Costumer: ART.Technology, Converteam, GE,  Arcelor Mittal, Constellium.
  Commissoning of equipments arround an high power alternator: Super-capacitor management, lubrication system, sensors...
Costumer: GE-Energy/SuperGrid
  Conception, implementation and commissioning (in Myanmar) of redundant system to manage the power distribution of a gas offshore platform.
Customer: GE/Total.
  Responsible of the "master" software driving chemical section of pickling line. Writing of functional specifications, test
sheets, designing of automation architecture & HMI, programming of control command & simulator, testing, implementation on customer project.
Customer: Siemens VAI metal.
  Commissioning (in Norway) and  analysis of recording of the drive (15MW) of  "sub-sea" compressor.
Customer: GE/Statiol.
  Commissioning (in China) of main control loops of 2 hot strip mills; interstands loops length & tensions, thickness, stands stretching compensations, rolls eccentricity compensations.
Customer: Siemens VAI metal/BaiHi (八一), TianTie (天铁).
  Supervision of commissioning (in Russia) of degreasing section of galvaning line.
Customer: CMI Beugin/Severstal. 
  Commissioning (In India) of entry section of a continuous cold tandem mill.
Customer: Siemens VAI metal/Essar.
  Repairs, and commissioning
(China & Taiwan) of several « air
knifes» (galvanizing process).
Customer: Siemens VAI metal.
  Commissioning (in China) of control loops of continuous furnace of galvanizing line.
Customer: Stein heurtey Fives/,ShouGang(首钢).
   Conception, implementation, and
commissioning (in India) of a Skin
Pass mill.
Customer: Siemens VAI metal/Essar.
   2000 - 2004  
 Setting up of my own company (433 212 479 R.C.S. Paris) and management of following projects:

  Implementation of software driving entry section of galvanizing line.
Customer: Alstom/Nisco.
  Conception and commissioning (Spain, Brazil, China) of tree hydraulic screws down of mill stand.
Customer: Alstom/Sollac (Aviles, Vega, St-Agathe).
  Supervision of commissioning (in China) of degreasing section of ultra bright inox line.
KCS Beugin/BaoGang (包钢).

   1985 - 2000  
Occupation: Developer at Sinfor Automation a software engineering company.

 Robotic & research projects
  1. Conception, implementation and commissioning of ultrasonic machine using PC and DSP boards, intended to locate inclusions in moving strip. Customer: IRSID.
  2. Mechanical conception of a “SCARA” type robot arm, and setting up of building file. Customer: Sinfor Automation.
  3. Checking and characterization of mobile robot. Customer: EDF.
  4. Commissioning of a robotic system using oxyacetylene torch to cut steel profile. Customer: ESIA / Les Chantiers de L’atlantique.
  5. Implementation and tests of a software of the first robot arm remote control using digital control. Customer: CEA.
Metallurgical projects
  1. Software maintenance & advancement of a continuous tandem cold mill. Customer: Usinor Atlantique (Mardyck).
  2. Conception, implementation and commissioning (in Germany) of hydraulic screw down Customer: Kvaerner Clecim/VAW.
  3. Implementation of mechanical screw down software. Re-wrapping of a « flash butt » welder.Customer: JSA/Sollac. 
  4. Implementation and commissioning of « start conditions » of reveres hot mill.. Customer: JSA/Renalu.